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Good luck playing this one.



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Most of my collages are intended to be interpreted as music, but they often are inspired by my own improvisation.

This will hopefully be the beginning of daily posts of new work that will soon include audio as well.


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I’ve recently recorded a version of an idea i’ve been working on. It’s called paintbrush music.

Check out the SOUNDS section.


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I recently

returned from a trip

out to the west coast to

visit friends, family, and

see things that I haven’t





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I’ve begun compiling a list of past musical engagements. Check it out in the ‘Performer’ section. So far it is a rough draft, but I will continue to add to the vast array of my past playing experiences.

This page will also eventually contain a list of upcoming engagements as soon as I get my act together.




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Check out my new ‘Visuals’ section. Pictures of new collages and pieces I’ve been working on lately.


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Welcome to my new space on the interweb.

Here you can find information about myself, my music, links to various resources and updates about my artistic goings on. I will try to keep regular updates about my engagements and things I have going on.

If you have any questions or comments, email me at morgan.evans.weiler@gmail.com