small ensemble

Self Portrait 1 (2009)

for small ensemble or instrumentalist and prepared tape

Improvisation on a Teknological Accident (2009)

any number of pitched instruments

Piano Music (2009)

for two or more pianos

Dynamic Phasing (2009)

for two instruments

Poeta (2008)

for voice, violin and piano

Miserere (2008, 2009)

for string quartet, two female voices and piano

Brothers (2008)

for violin and piano

Revolution (2007)

for two female voices, violin, clarinet and piano

Fugue 441 (2007)

for tango quartet (violin, bandoneon, piano, bass)

Nuevo Kalamatango (2006, 2007)

for tango quartet or piano trio

Music for Piano and Two Percussion (2006)

Three Solemn Songs (2006)

for medium voice and piano

String Quartet No. 1 “The Day Feels Broken” (2005)

solo instrument

Black on White (2008)

for solo pitched instrument

Improvisations for Solo Violin (2007)


Music for a Manifesto (2007)

setting of Karl Marx’ ‘Communist Manifesto’

Just Need Sounds (2006)

mixed media


Free (2009)

Arrangement of Ornette Coleman tune

A Film By Kirk

-I miss you
album of songs written during the early months of 2006 and recorded shortly thereafter.

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